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Choose Our Storage Old Malden Company for All of Your Storage Needs in KT3

Mobile Self Storage Old Malden KT3

Old Malden Mobile StorageHave you heard of the new self storage Old Malden? No? This is how it works: you give us a call specifying the kind of storage unit you want and we come to your door step with the KT3 mobile storage unit, let you load your belongings that you wish to store within the unit and take the unit away with us to our nearest KT4 storage depot, where it is kept for safekeeping. You are not required to do anything pre- or post-storage; all this is done from the comfort of our home. Special care is taken to ensure that no potential damage is done to your belongings during loading or transportation.


Self Storage Old Malden KT3

Old Malden Self StorageIf you have been looking for KT4 self storage, which is not only economical but also provides a good number of storage options to choose from, Old Malden storage facility is what you are looking for. You will be amazed by the number of storage options and the quality of services we provide. You can visit our KT3 storage depot and pick the right kind of storage space for you. Once you have selected the right option for you, you can store your possessions in the space and lock it away and use it when the need arises; there are no restrictions.


Home Storage Old Malden KT3

Home Storage Old MaldenThere can be many possible reasons why you may need to opt for Old Malden Home Storage: moving your stuff out to renovate your home, create space for new furniture and store your old stuff, or simply because you find so many things unnecessarily eating away all the space around your house. KT3 domestic storage provides a number of great storage options to home owners including the unique mobile storage option, which will let you use our service from the comfort of your own house. Call us to know more about the KT4 storage units and the best deals you can avail to save your precious money.


Business Storage Old Malden KT3

Old Malden Office StorageOffices can be busy, lacking in space and crowded with equipment, record files and furniture. However, it is important to have a neat and tidy office for work to be done efficiently. In case, you are also facing the crunch, maybe it is time to move some of your less used office equipment or furniture into business storage Old Malden. You can choose from storage units available in different sizes to self storage rooms that are large and spacious. If you are short on time, you can get the KT4 mobile storage units delivered to your office door for storage purposes by availing our KT3 storage facility.


Student Storage Old Malden KT3

Old Malden Student Storage UnitsStudents always seem to be confused and troubled on the onset of their breaks. On one hand they don’t want to drag their college stuff back home only to bring it back; and on the other hand they have a tight budget which inhibits them from using traditional storage services. This is where Old Malden student storage comes in. Our company is thoughtful about the students and therefore has planned special KT4 storage options customized to meet the needs of students. You can call our friendly staff anytime and ask how you can book your personalized student KT3 storage unit, paying only for as much space as you need.


Secure Storage Old Malden KT3

Old Malden Secure StorageOne of the most important things to remember while storing your valuable items is the security of your items. Secure storage KT4 is one of the most reputed storage companies known for a high level of security. Our secure storage units and rooms not only provide infallible security but also make sure that your possessions remain free from any damages. Old Malden self storage has a number of storage options available all of which are equally safe. With round the clock security and highest level of customer service, KT3 storage facility is simply the best in the business.


Self Storage Units Old Malden KT3

Self Storage Unites in Old MaldenIf you are looking for a place to store those boxes of winter clothes that you are not going to be needing for at least a few months but are short on space, Old Malden Self storage units can be of a great service to you. At KT3 self storage, we have ample options in terms of storage space that you can choose from. Our storage units come in different sizes for you to choose from and all the units are in top shape. We assure you that your belonging will be in great condition once you decide to remove them from storage; not many KT4 storage companies can do that.


Self Storage Rooms Old Malden KT3

Old Malden Storage RoomsOld Malden self storage rooms are a great choice to store surplus equipment from the office, extra furniture from your house or big items that won’t otherwise fit into a traditional storage unit. KT3 storage rooms are not only an inexpensive storage option but a great choice from security point of view. We have a well arranged security surveillance system that is functional every minute of the day. Moreover, we also have large rooms available for commercial purposes that can be used for warehouse storage. KT4 self storage is one of the best storage companies in the city and offers immaculate service at unbeatable prices.


Storage Old Malden

Old Malden Storage Service PricesAre you falling short of space to keep your stuff at? Is someone coming over to live with you and you need to clear some room to accommodate them? With Old Malden self storage prices, it is now possible to store you possessions securely for some time at the most reasonable prices. KT4 self storage is renowned for its impeccable service and high level of maintenance throughout its storage facility. So, do not be fooled by the affordable prices. Call our storage Old Malden company to inquire about the best deals that can eventually save you a lot of precious money.


Cheap and Affordable Storage Old Malden Services in KT3

Make our storage Old Malden company your first choice when you need safe and secure storage space at a price everyone in KT3 can afford.

Storage Unit Size Per Week Per Month 3 Months 6 Months
1x 35 sq ft unit £17,50 £70 £210 £420
2x 35 sq ft units £35 £140 £420 £840

*All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

–°lients Say

Brett Carter


Great facility with a knowledgeable and welcoming team. It is unquestionably the best storage I've used, and I recommend it without hesitation.

O. Brooks


Exceptionally clean and comfortable warehouse. Putting my things here provides such relief, with convenient transportation! I love it!

David C.


Old Malden Storage Company was incredibly supportive and kept in contact with us throughout the process. They made it incredibly easy to switch out of a situation that wasn't working for us.

B. Shay


Fabulous, helpful workers! Exemplary site of the keeping space. Absolutely tidy!! Unbelievably easy to maneuver - I'm enamored!

R. Brown


Exceptionally wonderful work from Old Malden Storage on site today; their regard for everyone was remarkable and the hours went by in a heartbeat with them around. Amicability coupled with competence.

Nellie H.


I thought mobile storage would be costly because of the extra processes involved. It may have been had I chosen to store elsewhere. But it was really cheap storing with Old Malden Storage Company.

Angel Fox


After our triplets arrived, we outgrew our home. Old Malden Storage Company fit our storage space needs perfectly while we looked for a bigger home for our larger family. Thanks!

Martha Hughes


Our first time using self storage and Old Malden Storage on site made it fly by. We had the idea of storing a couple of things while moving house, advised to do so by a friend, and it made a big difference. Meant we have a much simpler, stress free day. We only used their facilities for a short while, but it was more than enough to help us out and demonstrate how useful the service could be in the long run. Definitely a company I would call again, happy with every aspect of the service.

George Lucas


I was having a complete home renovation and needed to move out for the duration. I also required a safe place for my possessions. I hired a mobile self storage room and it was a great solution. Old Malden Furniture Storage were brilliant and arranged the right one for the amount I needed to store. What made it better was that the unit was delivered to my door and all I had to do was pack it, lock it and ask for it to be collected. The unit was stored in a secure facility until my renovations were finished and then we arrange for it to be returned. A fantastic service!

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Description: For free storage quote, choose one of our storage services - self storage room KT4 or on site storage containers KT3 and make a call in Old Malden, New Malden, Worcester Park, Kingston upon Thames, Coombe, Hampton Wick, Cuddington, etc.
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